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The Mountain Cur has an appearance that is similar to a hound. It is a sturdy breed with well-developed limbs. Its body is lean, but not too much. Its neck angles slightly to well muscled shoulders and a straight and long back. It has a deep chest, but the ribs are only slightly lifted. The hocks are muscular and the back legs are very angled. It stands on straight front legs. The breed has a flat head and a long muzzle that is triangular in shape, but not too pointed at the end. Its ears are average in size.
The Mountain Cur is a top hunting companion. It is courageous and not easily intimidated. It is an excellent hunter of small to large game. Its rough nature prevents its from being less than ideal for children. It is generally obedient and protective. One of the main concerns is pleasing its owner. It may not be friendly toward strangers. Since it love to please its owner, it is usually responsive to training.
Height and Weight
The Mountain Cur is about 18-26 inches tall and weighs about 30-60 pounds.
Health Problems
The Mountain Cur is generally a very healthy breed. There are no genetic health problems associated with this breed.
Ideal Living Conditions
The Mountain Cur is a breed that enjoys being outdoors. It is very energetic and loves hunting and chasing animals. The breed is usually bred for work outdoors. Small living quarters, such as an apartment may prove to be too confining for this breed.
Outdoor physical activity is the best form of exercise for this breed. It has a high energy level and has the endurance to handle just about any type of exercise regimen.
Life Expectancy
The Mountain Cur has a life expectancy of 12-16 years.
Litter Size
The Mountain Cur has an average of 3 puppies.
Very little grooming is required for the Mountain Cur. Its coat is short and doesn't shed heavily during shedding season. The coat just needs a brushing and/or washing a couple of times each week. The skin tends to be easily irritated, so washing should be with a gentle shampoo.
The Mountain Cur originates from the United States. The breed, which was developed around the states
The Mountain Cur is usually a solid color of yellow or black, or a combination of the two colors. The breed may have white markings.
Breed Clubs
Original Mountain Cur Breeders Association Kemmer Stock Mountain Cur Breeder's Association
Breed Rescues
Catahoula Rescue
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